On gaining conviction and being official-ish

February 2023

Plus how to build a web app from scratch in 2.5 weeks
Plus, a call for your visions of the future.

January 2023

My 2023 intention, new year info diet, and a side hustle

December 2022

Plus some takeaways from 11 studies with internet strangers
I want your feedback on my first painted door: Moon.

November 2022

With the fall of FTX, custody is top of mind. Here's how to do it right for you.
plus reader questions about optimism, user value, and market timing

October 2022

Plus a status update and my info diet
And some ways you can help

September 2022

This is running towards xyz, a newsletter about taking one step at a time towards something new. First post will drop on Tuesday, Oct 4th.